President's Welcome

Dear Members and Friends,

Many of us marked the New Year by counting down to midnight. Magically it was 2014. The idea of time, however, remains the same. It is infinite no matter how we define it. Think of the people who slept through the stroke of midnight welcoming in 2014. In the morning, it was all the same…a New Year for us to begin crossing off the days on our calendars until the next New Year.

I have lately been pondering the concept of time in my life. Remembering things that have happened in the past often are so vivid in my memory I feel as though they are happening right now “at this time.” I can recall colors, seasons and feelings associated with those memories, those times.

Time is probably defined a million different ways by a million different people “at any given time.” One of Webster’s definitions of time, among many, is “the period of time between two events.” In our lives, we go from one event to another, each event creating more memories in time. The event can be seconds long or a life time long.

Jung refers to J. B. Rhine’s experiments with ESP. “They show that in relation to the psyche, space and time are, so to speak, ‘elastic’ and can apparently be reduced almost to vanishing point as though they were dependent on psychic conditions and did not exist in themselves but were only ‘postulated’ by the conscious mind. In themselves, space and time consist of nothing…They are essentially psychic in origin.” The synchronistic events that Jung experienced had meaning for him. He said that his goal was not to convince others but to learn and to share the mysteries of life.

For me, time and space have to do with life, birth, and death; with living and dying; with being; with finding meaning.  Jung says that if we have reason for a certain hypothesis, we have to reckon with it.  He says that the psyche, in part at least, is not obligated to live in time and space alone…the psyche has existence beyond time and space. Let’s look into the mystery in this New Year, the time of 2014.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Jacquelyn Kelley, LCSW, CST-T, CT


C.G. Jung Society of North Texas


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