President's Welcome

Dear Friends and Members of the C.G. Jung Society:

We’re now past the winter solstice; the days are slowly beginning to lengthen as we move out of the darkest part of the solar cycle.  In nature, winter is a fallow time, a time for sleeping and dreaming, rest and reflection, before the arrival of spring.  As we reflect on our world, we know we are in strange and different territory where we long for expression of healthy masculine and feminine energies.

In Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness, Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson provide the following insight regarding a world where the feminine is repressed: “Although the patriarchal ego prides itself on being reasonable, the twentieth century has been anything but the Age of Reason. In our collective neurosis, we have raped the earth, disrupted the delicate balance of nature, and created phallic missiles of mass destruction.” This seems to describe our current chaotic world.

We may often feel overwhelmed by what is occurring in the collective; perhaps many of us feel internal chaos as we long to express a more authentic version of ourselves. What can we do? One suggestion is to nurture healthy feminine energy within. Jung tells us the feminine can be found in the body, nature, myth, and the unconscious—paying attention to our bodily symptoms, spending time in nature, reflecting on our personal archetypes and mythology, and working with our dreams are ways to attend to ourselves. 

Perhaps another helpful effort for 2016 is to see where we may need to question, or mature, our thinking.  I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Don’t believe everything you think!” Although funny, this is perhaps wise advice. This year, we are being challenged to examine our beliefs—and make the necessary adjustments so we can move into a larger life.  As Alfred Korzybski said, “the map is not the territory.” 

To support this process of nurturing the feminine and of dispelling old and outworn beliefs, please join us this spring to find innovative and practical ways to work with your dreams, to explore the meaning of suffering, and to discover the soul of the city.  I hope to see you soon.


Alison Henley
C.G. Jung Society of North Texas