President's Welcome

Dear Friends and Members of the C.G. Jung Society:

I write to you during the dog days of late July with eager anticipation of fall coming to North Texas. The cycles of nature and life take us into new territories, and I reflect upon the current archetypal and astrological patterns impacting both the individual and the collective. 

The disconnection between people and the sky is fairly recent and occurred with the discovery of electricity. Fast forward to the present; technology has had a profound effect on the way we live and has resulted in the loss of contact with the natural world.  More importantly, we have lost contact with our instinctual nature.  Because of light pollution, it is rare to experience a clear view of a pitch-black, star-studded sky, unobstructed by the glow of urban lighting.  Instead, we live with 24/7 glare and distraction.  We fail to regularly see and experience the magnificent universe in which we live.  We forget that we are not on stable ground but instead live on a ball that is spinning through space. Modern people are living with the delusion of control and a limited consciousness because we have been able to create lifestyles that are comfortable, predictable, and secure.  But the universe is continuously changing; nothing is stable or permanent. That’s what both the new sciences and Buddhism tell us.


Jung understood our disconnection from our instincts and the natural cycles of the psyche; he pioneered the way for those of us who are seeking to understand our deeper natures—the path of individuation.  Many of us are waking up and realizing we are souls and we are transitioning into what we call post-modern people; we are beginning to see the world through paradigms and recognize patterns, a deeper order in the universe. The post-modern person is beginning to rely on instinct and intuition in addition to rational thinking. To this end, I invite you to join me and others within the Jungian community as we embark on this journey of soul-making.

In September, J. Pittman McGehee will return to Dallas to help us find a healthy psycho/spiritual worldview for the twenty-first century. I look forward to this program since the world most of us grew up in no longer exists. In October, our own Dr. Marilyn Hammond will talk about Jung’s experiences, our experiences, and relevant brain research. And in November, we will bring Dennis Slattery back to the North Texas Jung Society to help us discover our own mythology and to find ways to lead a more “cohearent” life.

I hope you will join me and the excellent presenters we are offering this fall. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Alison Henley,
C.G. Jung Society of North Texas